Forever Changed

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Yes, God's presence changes our lives. On the road to Damascus Saul "saw the light." Not only did his name change that day; his life was transformed as he chose God's Way for him. He saw the world in a whole new light. You may not often hear about things like that happening, but He continues to change lives just like that every day.

I know that God has taught me to love even deeper, forgive a little quicker, and He has held my hand through life's most difficult situations. He is the guiding Light that has forever changed who I am. He has deeply blessed me with a very loving and supportive family. My daughter Whitney has join me on this CD. What a joy and privilege it is for this father to see his daughter living and giving her talent to God.

Open your heart to the music and let the words echo. May you experience the change that only God can bring. If you are already changed, may this serve as a gentle reminder of the awe-inspiring power we find in Jesus Christ.

Song Title:

1. Not The Great I Was

2. A Little Song Coming On

3. Mercy Came Running

4. Scars

5. Old Gospel Ship

6. Solid Rock And Shifting Sand

7. Forever Change

8. Hungry

9. Temporary Home

10. One Holy Lamb

11. Hit The Ground Running

12. When I Cry

13. Amazing Grace

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