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Spouse’s Name:


Children’s Names & Ages:
Kaleb, Cloey & Ian

Joplin, Missouri

Starting Date w/The Missourians:
August 2005

Role with The Missourians:

Favorite Scripture:
Phil. 2:13 - "For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure."

We need to realize that God is the one that has to do the working in people's lives. Yes, we need to be there, and allow God to use us, but we need to rely solely on Him and His Spirit to guide us through and give us the power to do what's right.

Favorite Song Currently Singing:
Save Me a Seat

How did you come to The Missourians:
Bob was my piano teacher, and even after I was done taking lessons from him, he would call me up every now and then for help with his computer. One day, just out of the blue, he asked if I would be interested in singing Bass for The Missourians. I thought a minute, and just said "sure". I had a tryout practice with the other guys, and I assume they liked it because here I am.

Past Singing History:
I started singing in a homeschool choir, at the homeschooling academy I attended. After a couple years, I started going around to different churches with an evangelism group, we basically would do an entire church service at different churches - singing, preaching, etc. And, their I sang duets, trios, and other singing arrangements. I don't have dates for all those, but it was a couple years ago that I did this. I have also sang solos for NEO music festival, and different high school and college competitions. I studied voice with Dr. Carnine at MSU, and he taught me a lot about the techniques of singing properly. Thanks Dr. Carnine!

Interesting facts/stories about me:
I have never eaten anything I didn't like. In other words, I will eat anything. I'm about half as old as Bob. I am the oldest of 5 brothers and sisters. My dad sang with a group called the Homeland Quartet, another group that Bob played piano for. There's some random trivia for you. :-) Want to know more? Feel free to email me.