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Spouse’s Name:

I don’t know! (never married)

Children’s Names & Ages:

Carl Junction, MO – I moved to Joplin in 1988

Starting Date w/The Missourians:
April 1989

Role with The Missourians:

Favorite Scripture:
Psalm 37:4 - “Delight yourself in the things of the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

Ever since I was in college it’s been my favorite verse. We had a lesson in Sunday school about it. I was seeking God’s direction in career choice at the time and God led me to teaching piano.

Favorite Song Currently Singing:
I’ve always really enjoyed ALL the songs the Missourians have ever sung, and have never gotten tired of any of them. Probably the song I enjoy the most right now is “Long As I Got King Jesus.” It has an infectious energy and I can’t sit still when playing it. Anything is truly OK as long as I got King Jesus!

How did you come to The Missourians:
They started singing in November, 1988 and used soundtracks. I knew Charlie (Burnett) and Jareld (Burnside) after having heard them sing many years with the Calvarymen, and I knew Richard (Crow), because of being with him several years in the Regents. They asked me to play with them, but I could only do it part time at first because of a lot of schedule conflicts. They started scheduling more so I could come and play, and I never even officially became full-time! So you see—I’m still just filling in until they can find someone!

Past Singing History:
The Good News Quartet: 1976-1978; (I started with them when I was in 8th grade)
The Regents Quartet: 1978-1983;
The Albert E. Brumley Singers: 1983-1985;
The Missourians: 1989-present.

Interesting facts/stories about me:
I’ve never had a boss! I don’t count the time I was working for Dad on the farm, because I was getting “room and board.” I have over 100 piano students that I teach each week; I taught part-time throughout college and I’ve been full-time since June, 1988. My job is music, and my hobbies are music! Southern Gospel is my favorite, but I also enjoy Classical, Jazz, and Christmas music. My most intense “other” hobby is the Dallas Cowboys! I go to a game every year in Dallas and see all the other games on satellite TV.